LFC rules

General aspects

Change log 21.04.2018

It will be played eliminations in the provided time and first 8th best times will go to ranking.


Before the competition, the robot must pass the Homologations. For this, the maximum dimensions are 30x30cm and the maximum weight is 3kg. The wheels of the robot and other parts that are in contact with the track must NOT be able to pick up and hold a standard paper A4 (80g/cm2) more than 2 seconds.

Time measured on the track

The time for each robot is measured from the moment when the start line is passed until the moment when the finish line is passed. It is considered that the robot passed the finish line when the farthest point of it pass the line. The time is measured by using an electronic gate.

Time Limit

Each robot has maximum 3 minutes to finish the track by trial. The robot can do an unlimited number of trials in the time given by the organizer. The time for the whole contest is given according to the number of the participant.


The time for a robot is measured by an electronic gate or a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of the equipment.


The robot must be completely autonomous after passing the Start Line; if it is not, it will be disqualified.

Loosing Line

If a robot loses the line, it must restart the trial. If it loses the line for the second time, it will receive 3 minutes for that trial. Trials can be restarted just as many times as wanted in 3 minutes.

If the robot loses the line but it is able to come back on the track from the point where he lost the line, it can continue on the track with 3 seconds penalization.

The Track

The track for the contest is a 2x8.4m area in white.

Track characteristics:

There shall NOT be crossovers (e.g. places where the line crosses itself)

Switchbacks and hairpins are possible, but the adjacent sections of the line shall be no closer together than 15 cm when measured from the center of each line.

The closest approach of the line course to the edges of the arena shall not be less than 15 cm, measured from the center of the line.

The minimal curve radius is 7.5 cm.

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