General regulations deployment

RoboManiacs Timisoara 2018

1. General

By entering the competition you give your argreement that LSFMT can use your data and distrubute it to partners.

The competition will take place according to the date announced by the organizers via TV, press, radio or online. The organizers are reserved the right to change the date if it announces contest participants through phone or e-mail in at least 5 days before the initial date.

The organizers will provide optimal conditions for each sample individually, providing participants lanes evidence and workspace.

Each team registred can consist of maximum 5 members.

The organizers are not liable for incidents after which the robot is no longer functional. Each participant must ensure that the robot is safe both during the tests and after.

Accommodation for participants will be in dormitories, based on an identity card under Law (ID card, passport).

There are no limitations on age. Children under 16, outside Timisoara, must be accompanied by at least one adult.

The organizers do not assume any liability for loss, theft or destruction of the possessions of the participants.

If a participant damaged an object from the examination room, he will pay the equivalent of the object and the decision coordinators can be disqualified or not.

The organizers are obliged to provide a safe space for evidence that could wound participants.

The organizers are not responsible for the material used as a boundary for the safe zone

It is forbidden for participants to erase the surface of the game. Organizers will provide a team which will provide clean surfaces.

The organizers reserve the right to change the rules provided to announce the participants in at least 2 hours before the sample related, only if the changes do not lead to changing the structure of the robot.

2. Misconduct

There is considered misconduct if participants violate the provisions of sections 2.2 or 2.3 and they will be sanctioned.


A participant will be penalized if he addresses insults towards the opponents/referees, if a robot has audio devices mounted to address insults, or if there are offensive words or gestured written on the robot.


When the contestant enters the area of the conducting tests, except when the referee stops the meeting

Part of the competitor's body is on the playing area during the tests.

If foreign objects are placed on the playing surfaces without the referee’s knowledge.

If a team member asks a sample off course without a good reason.

Do not comply with the referee’s decisions.

3. Penalties

Each deviation accumulates. At 3 misconducts team / participant is disqualified from the competition for the current edition.

4. The power of decision of the referee.

For each event there will be 2 to 3 referees: one primary and secondary 1 or 2. The decisions shall be final and irrevocable.

Referees may make exception from the rules when appropriated, with the obligation to announce the participants about the made modifications.

The referees have the power to take decisions currently not covered by the Regulation if they facilitate game play.

Complaints will be made to the project coordinator or vice-coordinators, NOT TO THE ORGANIZERS.

5. The flexibility of rules

The rules are flexible in that measure to allow adjustment to the number of participants and games. Modification or cancellation of rules can be decided by the local organizer of the event, as long as they are published before the event and are maintained throughout the event.

6. Responsibilities

A. The participating teams are always responsible for the safety of their robots and they are responsible for any accident caused by team members or robots.

B. The Organization RoboManiacs and the organization team will never be responsible for incidents / accidents caused by participating teams and their robots.

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